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The scariest part about Halloween this year could be what's hiding inside your mask.

As you try on different costumes for Halloween this year, consider the amount of times someone else has tried on that mask before you. Germs are easily transferred from one person to another by this simple act.

“The general bacteria count, those ended up coming back pretty high,” said HML representative Jaima Ballentine.

People loved putting on a Panda and Unicorn head and then putting them back on the shelf. Their tests revealed more than 300 bacteria colonies in just the small area swabbed.

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HML is now CDC ELITE Certified for the detection of Legionella

The bacterium Legionella can cause a serious type of pneumonia called LD in persons at risk. Those at risk include persons who are at least 50 years old, smokers, or those with underlying medical conditions such as chronic lung disease or immunosuppression. Outbreaks have been linked to poorly maintained water systems in buildings with large or complex water systems including hospitals and long-term care facilities. Transmission can occur via aerosols from devices such as showerheads, cooling towers, hot tubs, and decorative fountains.

Facilities must develop and adhere to policies and procedures that inhibit microbial growth in building water systems that reduce the risk of growth and spread of legionella and other opportunistic pathogens in water.

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