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Cyanide – Low levels of cyanide poisoning (0.20 mg/L) may result in weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, which occur rapidly.  Ultimately cyanide poisoning results in unresponsive hypotension, respiration slow and gasping, dilated pupils, cyanosis at high levels and finally death.  Cyanide has a classical odor of bitter almonds.

Lead – Lead concentrations in excess of 0.015 mg/L may result in black stools, a metallic taste, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, oliguria (diminution in the quality of urine excreted), collapse and coma.  It is particularly harmful to children for it may lower their intelligence.  Pregnant women may bear children with clubfeet, or with neurological, mental or physical abnormalities.  It also may be a major cause of hypertension, brain and kidney damage, stroke and hear attacks for middle age men.

Arsenic – Arsenic concentrations in excess of 0.01 mg/L may cause loss of energy and fatigue, gastroenteritis, burning esophageal pain, vomiting and copious watery or bloody diarrhea containing shreds of mucus.  Death may result due to circulatory failure.  May have increased risk of cancer.

Mercury– The acceptable limit is 0.002 mg/L.  May cause inflammation of mouth and gums, excessive salivation, loosening of teeth, kidney damage, muscle tremors, jerky gait, spasms of extremities, personality changes, depression, irritability, and nervousness.

VOC– Many of these compounds have been linked to cancer and other health related problems.  Scan includes trichloroethylene (TCE), carbon tetra-chloride, vinyl chloride, benzene, MTBE, CS, and other compounds.

Barium– The acceptable level is 2 mg/L.  Barium may cause increased blood pressure.